Tempus is a sideview 3D, singleplayer, puzzle game. The player has to solve puzzles to pass levels while manipulating time constanlty. Use your time wisely!

Game Info

Roles: General Designer & Product Owner    Time: 4 weeks 

Genre: Single Player Puzzle Game                   Engine: Unreal Engine 4                Team Size: 9 people (3 Designers)                   Version Control: Github                      

My Contributions

Gameplay Design

Core Mechanics


Puzzle Elements (Traps)

Level Design





Product Owner

Holding Meetings


Team Support

Design Pillars

Plan Your Move

The players are given time and opportunity to make up a plan & strategy on how to solve the puzzle.

Learn And Redo

The game makes the player learn from their mistakes and allows for a quick restart to come up with a new solution.


A heavy focus on puzzles and solving logical problems.

Core Loop


Succeed & Continue

Test Your Strategy

Main Contributions

Level Design

My task was to design level 2 where the main focus were the teleporters. I started the level design with drawing many simple levels,  then proceeding to the blockout phase, which afterwards led to finalisation of the level. During the production there were a lot of changes and polishing done to the level, which thanks to the amount of playtesting reached its balanced final evolution.

I was also given the possibility, which I took, to dress my level.

Screenshot (194)
Screenshot (170)
Screenshot (51)

(Gallery of photos with my level design progression.)

Overall Design

With programmers on board, a lot of programming work was cut out for us, we had more time to spend on general, gameplay and system design.

The main challenge was to keep the most interesting “traps” and puzzles and cute the less interesting ones, since we had to fit in a very tight time frame.

Working in miro we would make a lot of graphs, notes and different visual setups to help us make decisions.

(We were creating different level progression setups, we were overscoping, assuming we will be able to fit many more levels into the game.)

 Product Owner

As the product owner, I have spent a lot of time helping to organize the team tasks and planning the production weekly with the Scrum Master.

I have led daily meetings, weekly reports(Alpha, Beta) with faculty and the main presentations with the jury.

At last, as the lead I made sure that my team has a good supporting structure, no one is feeling left behind and everyone can get help when they need it.

(An attempt at user stories as a tool to help us with the production.)