Tiki My Salad

Tiki My Salad is a 4 player, local PVP, battle arena game. As a player you have to focus on deflecting a spinning blade or jumping over it while trying to survive on your platform. The last fruit standing wins!

Game Info

Roles: Game Designer & Product Owner     

Genre: Local PVP Arena

Time: 2 weeks                                                Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Team Size: 7 people (3 Designers)             Version Control: Perforce

Scripting Language: Blueprints

My Contributions

Gameplay Design

Core Mechanics

UI & UX Design

Technical Design


Point System

Win & Lose States

Product Owner

Team Lead

Product Presentation

Project Organization

Design Pillars


Design choices allow the players to jump in and learn how to play very rapidly. 


The game was designed to have a quick, reflexive and adrenaline inducing gameplay loop. 


The core gameplay requires the players to be very good at timing their reactions to what's going on.

Core Loop



Keep Yourself Alive


Main Contributions


The player has a basic movement available to them as well as jumping. Although throughout the production we have wondered if we shouldn't just cut it out leaving just jumping, we left it so that the players still have to be careful of falling off their pillars.

Point System & Win/Loose State

Using UI every player has their pool of points tracked and checked if any of them reach the 3 point limit where the win game state would trigger. If that is the case the player is highlighted as the winner and the game will restart.

Sound Design

Using Mixcraft I have crafted a soundtrack following our Jungle theme, using drums and certain animal sounds that live in those climates. When it came to sound effects, I tried to convey the silliness of the Fruit characters with high pitch voices and quirky sound effects.

Product Owner

As the Product Owner, I took the responsibility of planning out our scrum using HacknPlan, preparing tasks and leading stand ups every morning and afternoon. With these responsibilities, I was constantly checking on my teammates, making sure that the production is going smoothly. As a leader, I always made sure that their voices were heard and their opinions heavily considered during teamwork. Finally, I have also presented our game for the Jury and the schools faculty.